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Some of the Pest Pistol's Many Uses: 

  • In gardening
  • For pest eradication in homes
  • For effective pest control in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and 100s of other businesses.
  • Thousands in use by professionals across the globe
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Sturdy and easy-to-use, the Pest Pistol shoots powder right where you need it.  Dust nearly invisible cracks and crevices or shoot clouds of powder into huge voids.  It allows you to eradicate, not just control pests.


  • Virtually unbreakable (unless you try).
  • Holds more product--about 1/2 lb.--for less frequent refilling.
  • Saves time, helps you kill more bugs with wide, thorough dispersion of insecticide dusts.
  • Versatile. One-hand operation for light crack and crevice dusting.  Press with both hands for effective dusting of large voids, even drop ceilings.
  • Plastic body, bellows and nozzle reduce risk of shock.
  • Screws securely together--no cap or cork to fall out.

The Pest Pistol - First choice of professionals

Don't control pests; eradicate them

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