Manufacturer of the best little hand duster in the world

The Pest Pistol® makes roach eradication possible.

  • Shoots up to eight feet 
  • Penetrates large voids through small holes.

  • Used to eliminate roaches in some of the most infested restaurants in the world...

  • Thousands in use by professionals across the globe

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Another reason boric acid and other long-term residuals work better:

After she sprouts her wings, the new adult female roach gorges herself on food for several days.  Then she mates...and goes away to gestate alone for a month, with little movement.

Most liquid insecticides won't last a month until she and her 40 young emerge.  And even if they do, they may be so absorbed into surfaces that they won't touch a roach.

Don't just control pests--eradicate them.

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