The Pest Pistol® makes roach eradication possible.

  • Shoots up to eight feet 
  • Penetrates large voids through small holes.
  • Used by professionals throughout the world.

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Boric Acid Toxicity?

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Insecticide Dusts                                                                         

BoraPlus™ is the world's premier boric acid insecticide.   It's special processing and anti-caking properties outlast other boric acid products, and increase dispersion for easier fool-proof application.  Available in 5-lb. and 25-lb. resealable containers for long moisture-resistant shelf life.

M7 for Fleas™ eliminates fleas within the home for a year or more.  Simply add to carpet cleaning solution and shampoo carpets.  Adult fleas will die within 24 hours of contact, larvae from eggs dropped into carpet will never reach adulthood.  Low-toxic, odorless.

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Business Services                                                           
Contract Packaging

Liquids, powders, gels formulated and packed.  Long or short runs.

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 Financial Services   

  Clergy Tax & Financial Services  (Also offers MBA expert small business tax preparation nationwide)