The Pest Pistol makes roach eradication possible.

  • Shoots up to eight feet 
  • Penetrates large voids through small holes.
  • Used to eliminate roaches in some of the most infested restaurants in the world..
  • Thousands in use by professionals across the globe

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Roach Eradication Manual
Zephyr Media 1994, 2001

Get them where they live.


This is the short course on how to kill roaches any place, any time.  These are techniques used by some of the best professional exterminators, and they really do work.  Now you can eradicate, not just control pests.

Can you out-think a roach?  Of course you can--if you do not underestimate your opponent.

Low and non-toxic insecticides depend on wide dispersion in areas roaches live. They don't work as fast as sprays, but that's a function of the reasons why they kill when toxic sprays often merely chase.


Visualize the dark voids between the walls. You want the critical voids to be white with a fine layer of powder.


  • Any wall void that contains a pipe. Roaches drink condensation from the pipes.
  • Any void through which roaches may pass on the way to food and water, like voids in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Voids near food sources. Usually the dead space under lower kitchen cabinets. Sometimes the wall behind the upper, wall-mounted cabinets. Thanks to heat and humidity from the refrigerator, sometimes the wall behind it becomes Cockroach City.



Hold Pest Pistol upright in both hands. Press firmly three to four times at each void access. You should feel and hear the powder moving rapidly through the nozzle and into the void.

Were you to squeeze the Pest Pistol correctly in an open area, you would see a cloud of dust spread out five feet or more in front of you. A second squeeze would push it farther still.

THAT is what you want to happen within the wall. The result is a fine layer of powder throughout the void.

In homes, and in apartments where some roaches are visible in daytime, use 1 lb. Double that for badly infested units.

  • Remove switch plate covers for access past the electrical box INTO THE WALL, not to treat the little box.

Roaches don't have large territories so it's easy to miss a particular nest's territory entirely. But since roaches never venture more than eight feet from their nests, this narrows it down. If you're doing this for someone else and a resident complains of roaches 2-3 weeks after your first application, insist on an EXACT description of where the roaches were seen. Then treat the logical voids.

Roaches will try to outsmart you. They may nest between frame and cork of a bulletin board. Or live underneath a refrigerator and never touch the treated floor below (fortunately a good boric acid product or diatomaceous earth product is fine enough to adhere electrostatically to the bottom of nearly any surface). 

Roaches even breed in attics, particularly in humid areas, and nest on drop ceilings.  Perimeters of drop ceilings can be dusted.

Check your installation in two to three weeks. Find out if anything's still crawling, and where. Then think like a roach and kill it.

  • The Pest Pistol nozzle may clog from bits of wood or plaster. Rap it on its base. If this doesn't work, remove nozzle (tip) and push the clog from the inside out with nail or wire.

Practice with the Pest Pistol makes perfect. Often it is the easiest, quickest and best tool. If you will be treating a lot of apartment units, for example, use two or three Pest Pistols so you save time filling them with powder.


You've selected the safest, surest and most economical method of ridding your life of roaches. Use these directions--and your head--and you'll win this war.

The Pest Pistol - A necessity for integrated pest management

Zephyr Media 1994, 2001, 2206