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What if my Pest Pistol gets clogged?

While it's best to start with a powder that's fluffy and light (and contains an anti-caking agent), you can fix powders.   If you live in an area with high humidity, powder with no anti-caking agent may clump up again in a few days, so you may want to process only what you'll be using right away. 

These instructions are ONLY for food-grade powders, like diatomaceous earth. Processing powders with insecticides like pyrethrums should only be done by a manufacturer under controlled, safe conditions.

With a dry, properly processed powder, you can shoot all day with a Pest Pistol and never get a clog.

First, keep your powder dry.  Store in an air-tight container.


1.  Run the powder through a flour sifter. 


2.  OR: Run through a food mill, like those used for making jam.


3.  OR: Clamp a piece of screen around the bottom of a tube, such as a short piece of 4" PVC pipe.   Insert a paint brush and twist to make the powder fall through.   If it's still too course, use two pieces of screen clamped so that the holes don't line up.

4.  "Blank" tips--with no hole--are available through some Pest Pistol distributors (Part No. M05).   These can be drilled from the INSIDE OUT with a 7/64-inch (or 1/8-inch) bit for a larger hole.   This does not, however, stop the filter in the base from clogging.


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